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History of the Omnitrix. Created by the super-intelligent alien Azmuth, the Omnitrix is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the Ben 10 universe. Within the Omnitrix lies the power to transform into any alien whose DNA has been acquired by the creator..


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The Omnimatrix, better known as the Omnitrix, was a watch-like device that attached to Ben Tennyson's wrist at the beginning of the series and is the device that the franchise revolves around. The device is a portable library of intergalactic genetic data that allowed the wielder to alter their DNA at will and transform into a variety of different alien species, each with their own ....


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Okay, I admit, I haven't had it long. Few nights ago, I had this crazy dream, it was so vivid. I had to jot down what it showed me. They were plans, designs, blueprints! No way I wasn't gonna build it. I wasn't even sure what it was for. But it didn't take long to figure out, and with few minor modifications of my own, I got something pretty awesome.Wreckingbolt to Stinkfly. The ....


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Ben 10 is an American media franchise created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.The series centers on a boy named Ben Tennyson who acquires the Omnitrix, an alien device resembling a wristwatch, which contains DNA of different alien species.Using the Omnitrix, Ben can transform into powerful aliens with various abilities.


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Ben 10: Alien Force is an American animated television series created by team Man of Action (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It takes place five years after Ben 10 and takes a darker turn than its predecessor.. The series premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on April 18, 2008, ....


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Jan 01, 2022 . On a show like Ben 10, good old-fashioned coolness matters a lot, and the coolest of the Omnitrix aliens was XLR8. As his name implies, XLR8, a member of the Kineceleran species, possessed super speed. This meant XLR8 was not only plenty useful in a fight, but in many ways, the Omnitrix alien most useful for practical, everyday purposes..


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Getting the Omnitrix, almost destroying the universe with it. Discovering he and Gwen are half aliens called, Anodite. Finding out he's adopted and running away and training Magic from the Sorcerer supreme for 3 months. Becoming a plumber And getting new Omnitrix-The Ultimatrix.(Takes place one year later after the original Ben 10 series.


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Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Ben 10 and My Hero Academia/??????????? universe. ... a broken Izuku Midoriya finds the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, residing in a shoebox. ... The Omnitrix is off Ben's wrist and Grandpa Max is in retirement for real this time. Gwen finally feels ....


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Join Ben Tennyson in his way to becoming a great leader equipped with the powerful Omnitrix in this action-adventure video game for the NDS - Ben 10: Alien Force! Ben 10: Alien Force is an action-adventure video game that was released back in 2008 based on the popular Anerican animated series of the same name..


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Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max once again have their cross-country road trip in the Rust Bucket cut short by super villains and their evil, world-threatening plans. Ben 10 Install-Game: As Ben Tennyson, it's up to you to save the world. Take on some of Ben's most infamous enemies, including Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads..